Writing in Canadjian, eh?

London Writers Society

A good time was had by all over ale 🙂

I spent the last two weeks in Canada, in my old stomping ground, visiting my mum and having the pleasure of speaking to the London Writers’ Society in London, ON. What a wonderful group of multi-talented folks under the capable leadership of their current president, Richard Nagel, a playwright. The LWS website is www.londonwriterssociety.com

Among others, the members include former and current educators and academics, a professional editor, a technical writer, a gardening columnist, a vet tech, and of course playwrights, with the usual array of interests from sci-fi to historical fiction (Canadian and otherwise), and romance. I am honored to become an LWS honorary member!

The province of Ontario is aware of the creative contribution by writers, poets, and journalists and currently (October 21 to November 5) hosts the International Festival of Authors with participants from Canada, the UK and the US, offering readings, round tables, and interviews in various venues across the province. These touring events are in partnership with libraries, bookstores, and local communities. For authors’ listing see www.readings.org . By popular demand, this year IFOA highlights crime fiction, thrillers and mystery novels. 

(How about historical stuff next year, eh?)

London (a city of some 320,000 these days), also hosts its own London Writers’ Festival ’10 on November 6-7th.  Check out what’s going on with our friends north of the border at   www.readings.org and www.writersforwellspring.ca.

November is also the National Novel Writing Month—some 200,000 participants around the world dedicate themselves to write 50,000 words beginning the stroke of midnight Nov. 1 and typing “THE END” by Nov. 30, 11:59 PM; only you, your writing device, and abandoned spouses, children, and significant others staring at their re-heated pizza and congealed pasta. Ah, a writer’s dream. Check out www.nanowrimo.org and go forth and write.

About Hana Samek Norton

I am a historian who writes 'history with a story' in off-duty hours.
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2 Responses to Writing in Canadjian, eh?

  1. I love your new book! I am just beginning my writing career after years of denial. I enjoy every minute of it and would love to review your books for my blog, or just have you check it out!



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