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Historical Fiction and “Real Historical Facts”

… no readers of science fiction (as far as I know), would point out to the author that s/he has the information wrong because they know for sure that the decontamination chamber on Zenon X is painted in blue and not green, or that it wasn’t in operation until 26956, give or take a few centaves… But in historical fiction, readers do expect some of the “real historical facts,” even though some don’t want to be swamped by a lot of them.
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September 28, 1066 William the Bastard (as his wife fondly called him), invades England at Pevensey to engage in the battle of Hastings which was not at Hastings, but at a place called Battle? Really? Was he lost?

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Educating Monkeys

“The National Adult Literacy Survey found a total of 21% of American adults function at a Level 1, the lowest literacy level, finding difficulty in reading, writing and computational skills considered necessary for functioning in everyday life.”
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The Knights of Yesteryears

Popular historical novels depict “sympathetic characters,” these reflect far more of our time, rather than theirs. Continue reading

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